50cc Clutch Puller

Remove or install the Clutch assembly or Flywheel with this special puller. This tool will safely pull these parts off your engine. 

Please do not try to use any other type of tool to remove these parts. Why? you ask.
It's because if you try to use force or pry with other tools you could break or damage something.



Piston Stop Tool

Remove or install the Clutch nut or Flywheel nut with this special piston stop. This tool safely keeps the engine from turning over. This allows for the correct torque to be set on these important engine parts.

Please do not use Air Impact Wrench on Clutch nut or Flywheel. Why? you ask

It's because you will not know how tight they are. Overtightening can strip the threads or even break the crankshaft. If the Air Wrench is too lose, the nut will fall off while the engine is running causing huge damage inside your engine.