125cc Engines



125cc 2-Stroke KART Racing Engine

- Automatic centrifugal 3 shoe clutch

- Electric start

- Case reed intake tract

*sold with carburetor and complete electronics.

*Radiator and exhaust pipe sold seperately.

Engine assembly $1,799.00

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125cc 2-stroke KART Engine

26 horsepower with Max 15,000 RPM

Horsepower: 26HP "Dyno" proven horsepower
Top speed: capable over 75 mph
Bore: 54mm Nicasil plated aluminum alloy
Stroke: 54mm
Capacity: 123.67cc
Max rpm: 15.000rpm
Induction: Tillotson HL-334AB carburetor fibre reed valves
Exhaust: Race tuned cone exhaust
Ignition: Electronic computer programmed advance curve
Spark plug: NGK 10ES or 10EGV(Japan)
Bearings: SKF and NTN-highest quality
Starting: Push button 12V 300W electric start
Battery: 12V 9AH
Final Drive: Chain
Clutch: Automatic centrifugal 3 shoe clutch with 11tooth sprocket
Charging: Built in 12V alternator to charge starter battery
Fuel: 97 octane or better, 9 litre tank capacity
Oil: Synthetic 2-stroke racing oil
Cooling: Optimum performance water temperature 55 to 65 degrees Celsius

Radiator and Hose Assembly



Exhaust Pipe Assembly